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The website is being reconfigured into a new portal. The new website will have features such as:

  • What have I done to overcome stigma in my life?
  • Famous people who have overcome stigma
  • Self-help products to use in reversing stigma at work
  • Self empowerment facts and facilities
  • Free quarterly e-newsletters with our news and events
  • and Join our quest to remove stigma from this planet

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We are redeveloping, with the following new activities:

  • Take part in 1 day, 1 week or 2 week projects to improve self expression and empowerment
  • Overcome the stigma of disability by learning/helping team building skills
  • Various outdoor activities
  • Boat trips, hill walking, camping, wilderness survival skills (subject to insurance requirements)
  • You will be presented with a completion certificate that you can include in your CV

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